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2-XL Fan Art

This section is comprised of all the fan-made artwork, photos and videos that I've found over the years!

I used to make a joke here that I'd never actually found any fan artwork on 2-XL, because everything on this page had been done by my friend Frank and myself. But I'm now happy to say that's changed, as lots of you have been sending me some GREAT stuff! Thanks to one and all for working so hard to make all this great 2-XL artwork and for sharing it!

The first half of the artwork includes cartoons, sketches and other silly things Frank and I have drawn over the years. I met Frank in 1979, the same year I got my 2-XL for Christmas. The following Christmas Frank got a 2-XL of his own. So all through our childhood 2-XL was there. Frank loves to draw so he would make cartoons of me with 2-XL a lot. I'm not much of an artist, but I did do a 2-XL comic book when I was 12 (including a three-issue adaptation of "Astronomy: 2-XL in Space" and would make 2-XL a regular in my cast of funny-animal characters. Unfortunately, almost all of my stuff was done in pencil (since I couldn't draw) and all of Frank's stuff was done in pen (since he could), so most of my stuff has faded to the point of invisibility while Frank's still looks good. So most of the artwork on here is Frank's. Also, keep in mind that a lot of the stuff we did was just for fun, so try to keep an open mind and take it with a grain of salt. You're not going to find any images of 2-XL as the Mona Lisa here. ;)

The second half of the artwork section, on the other hand, has some great stuff. Keith at www.spoofpark.com, who is also a big 2-XL fan, has created a series of CGI 3D bitmap images of 2-XL to be used as desktop designs. Thery're so good I'm including smaller jpg versions of them here.

The photos section includes the Cult of Marty, a great submission from www.wearesmall.com!! After that you'll find lots of (less creative) pictures that I took of 2-XL. Usually they're staged photos, to try to make it look like 2-XL was doing something. If you're curious about what Frank and I look like (or looked like 10 - 20 years ago) you'll see us in there too.

The video section currently has just one video that Frank and I made of 2-XL just for fun one day.

So, got any artwork, photos or photoshopped images of 2-XL lying around that you've made and would like to share? Send 'em on in and I'll be happy to include them here!

True Love by Frank RichardsonTrue Love by Frank D. Richardson
Frank did this one of 2-XL and me, mocking -- mocking, I tell you! -- my dedicated 2-XL fandom. I love the great big emotional eyes on 2-XL, it never fails to crack me up.

Robot on the RangeCowboy by Frank D. Richardson
DISCLAIMER: Now kids, we all know that 2-XL has taught us in no uncertain terms that smoking is bad for you. He's just being presented as a Clint Eastwood style cowboy here. Remember: 2-XL has no lungs. You do.

FameFame by Frank D. Richardson
As kids Frank and I would write scripts and record them on audio tape, starring ourselves as the heroes. We'd write in lines from 2-XL tapes as 2-XL's dialogue to make it sound like he was in the adventure with us. So ten years later, we're all adults and making lots of videos, and for fun I wrote a new script called "2-XL versus the Mafia," where 2-XL partners up with an FBI agent to take down some inept mobsters. It was a silly but ambitious (yet filmable) script, using all dialogue that I knew I could get from 2-XL tapes. We thought we might be able to gut a couple of our extra 2-XLs to make them "stunt robots," adding wheels to try and make a remote controled 2-XL so he would move on his own. So one day we were discussing ideas on how to do this over dinner in a pizza parlor or some other restaraunt. Frank's the kind of guy who's always doodling on anything he can get his hands on, so he grabs the bill and draws this little sketch of 2-XL's reaction to our asking him to be in our latest video.
(Also, underneath Frank's cartoon is a sketch I did of 2-XL's underside showing where I envisioned the wheels would come out, along with a little propeller to help boost him over things.)

Put Litter in its PlacePlease Put Litter In Its Place by Frank D. Richardson
It's been a long running gag around here that my wife Joy has this jealous resentment of 2-XL. Can't imagine why anyone would think that. Here's Frank's take on it starring Joy, 2-XL and me.

2-XL Character SheetCharacter Sheet by Frank D. Richardson
When an animation studio designs a character, they'll draw a page of the character doing lots of different things with lots of different expressions, to get an idea of that character's range. Frank made a similar page just for fun, with 2-XL singing, dancing, happy, angry, and lots of other amusing sketches.

2-XL Character SheetPlaying with 2-XL by Frank D. Richardson
A fun little "realistic" comic strip of 2-XL doing his usual thing with Frank and me when we were kids.

BrothersBrothers by Fer Goodnough
I originally drew this back in 1992 when the Tiger 2-XL was released. What would these 2-XLs say to each other if they could? This is how the conversation unfolded in my mind...

2-XL and Goofy2-XL and Goofy by Fer Goodnough
Here's another one of my surviving drawings. As I mentioned above, I would just include 2-XL as a character in my cartoon doodles. Here he's getting annoyed that he doesn't get better scenes.

Tales of the B.P. BuddiesTales of the B.P. Buddies by Fer Goodnough.
Here are a few scenes from a comic book I did in 1986 starring 2-XL, Frank, myself, and another friend of ours named Conor. It's a good example of how my stuff was always in pencil and hasn't held up well. Plus this one has people in it, and if you thought my 2-XL art was bad, my people are worse. NOTE: After looking at this image on a couple different monitors, I've noticed it can look either too dark or too washed out. For the lighter version, click the name or the icon; for the darker version, click here.

2-XL Desktop #5a2-XL Desktop #5a by Keith at www.spoofpark.com.
And so we begin the series of beautifully rendered CGI artwork, bringing 2-XL into the 21st century...

2-XL Desktop #6b2-XL Desktop #6b by Keith at www.spoofpark.com.
Fer's personal favorite.

2-XL Desktop #7a2-XL Desktop #7a by Keith at www.spoofpark.com.
I like this perspective. Mighty tall for a 12-inch robot! This must be how he looks to the Smalls in the Cult of Marty (below).

2-XL Desktop #8a2-XL Desktop #8a by Keith at www.spoofpark.com.
Up close and personal.

2-XL Desktop #8b2-XL Desktop #8b by Keith at www.spoofpark.com.
We've got power! "Thank you for turning me on!"

2-XL Desktop #9a2-XL Desktop #9a by Keith at www.spoofpark.com.
Slightly larger and more artsy classic look. Good to use if you've got a lot of icons on your desktop.

2-XL Desktop #10a2-XL Desktop #10a by Keith at www.spoofpark.com.
"But you can call me Brainy, because I am so bright."

2-XL Desktop #10b2-XL Desktop #10b by Keith at www.spoofpark.com.
The classic look. Less special effects, but he's still got that glow. :) I think this one recaptures the feeling of 2-XL the best.

2-XL Desktop #10c2-XL Desktop #10c by Keith at www.spoofpark.com.
And with a logo!
Larger bitmap versions that can be used as your desktop designs are available in the 2-XL IN CYBERSPACE section.

The Cult of MartyThe Cult of Marty by Jason at wearesmall.com.
This is a fantastic creation by Jason of wearesmall.com. If you haven't been to that site, you should. It's a world populated by customized Mego action figures (who also interact with the outside world from time to time as well). Here is the Cult of Marty worshipping their fellow Mego and Small God. And check out the program he's got, is that too perfect or what?

Cuddly Couple IICuddly Couple II
2-XL with my cat Lancelot. This is actually the second in a series, but I need to find the first one. This one was meant to be staged as if 2-XL was actually looking in on Lance.

B.P. BuddiesB.P. Buddies
Collectively, Frank, 2-XL, and I, along with another friend of ours named Conor, called ourselves the B.P. Buddies. Here's a group photo of us. From left to right is Frank, Fer (then called Chris), and Conor. 2-XL is peeking out from behind my feet. We used this photo as the cover to our tape of sketches.

Mug ShotsA Decade Later
Fast forward to 1991. Frank and I are now in our early 20s but some things haven't changed. Here we are trying to look cool for the camera with our mutual childhood friend.

Frank and 2-XLFrank and 2-XL circa 1994
Frank lived with Joy and I for about 6 months. During that time he went into a big 2-XL revival. I'm pretty sure this photo was not staged in any way... I just walked into the room and found him like this, so I figured "THAT is Kodak moment." I could tell you more funny stories about that hat, but this is the only one related to 2-XL. Maybe if we ever do a B.P. Buddies website...

Frank and FerFrank and Fer with our first 2-XL t-shirts
Here's Frank and I at age 35 wearing 2-XL T-shirts at Otakon 2004.

Frank and Fer2-XL t-shirts (back)
And here's the back of the shirts.

So far we've only actually made one video about 2-XL, which was a 1-minute tribute video. I just walked in on Frank filming 2-XL one day and before you know it we had come up with this. (You know, we made more videos that way. Frank's just a creative guy.) It's set to the music from "2-XL and the Time Machine," which we both consider to be one of the definitive pieces of 2-XL music.
2-XL Music Video .mpg file at 9.5 MB.
Recommended, but it's a BIG file.
2-XL Music Video Real Player .rm file at 863k.

A Note about the video files: After much thought and testing, I've decided to put the video files up as both mpeg files and Real Player Media files. The mpeg files are much larger in size and have much better quality, but will of course take longer to open or download, and I was able to get them to work in most players. The Real Player files are lower in quality but also much lower in size so they're much easier to play, assuming your computer can handle a Real Player machine. (Bit of a catch-22 there.)

In most cases, right-clicking on the 2-XL Video Icon will most likely activate the appropriate video player plug-in and play it as a streaming video file. You can also left-click on it and then select "Save Target As" and save it to your hard drive, and then play it yourself.

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