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  • Press A to learn about Mego 2-XL Type 1 and Mego 2-XL Type 2, and the Mego 2-XL 8-Track Programs.

  • Press B to learn about Tiger 2-XL Type 3, and the Tiger 2-XL Cassette Programs.

  • Press C to learn about the newest version, Kasey the Kinderbot.

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2-XL Robots and Programs!

There have now been three different versions of 2-XL mass produced.
  • The first version was made by Mego Corp. from 1978 through 1981, and ran on 8-Track tapes.
  • The second version was made by Tiger Electronics form 1992 through 1994, and ran on cassette tapes.
  • The third and current version of 2-XL is called Kasey the Kinderbot. It is made by Fisher-Price, and runs on cartridges.

    To learn more about the 2-XL of your choice, either push A, B or C on 2-XL's buttons, or click on the links below.

    PRESS A (or click here) to learn about the Mego 2-XL. PRESS B (or click here) to learn about the Tiger 2-XL.
    PRESS C (or click here) to learn about Kasey the Kinderbot

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